Parco di Stalla is one of the most important and ancient farms of the western side of the province of Taranto

Its origins are very old indeed, and it has witnessed the old tradition of the oil mills and the local history of Palagianello.

The first traces and the first settlements are lost in the mists of time: in the IV - III century BC there was a necropolis, an Apulian town, whose epicenter was located where now stands the nucleus of the farm.

Subsequently, in full Roman times, Parco di Stalla plays the role of "tabernae": basically a place of rest, which is located on the ancient Via Appia, which connected Rome to Brindisi, where you could make a stop to eat and sleep, and find water and fodder for the horses

Various evidences have been found in adjacent land, for example, the ruins of a track with the carriageway and some remains of black ceramic of Egnatia...